Grow your own cucumbers - Growing your own cucumbers

Published: 26th April 2009
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Growing Your Own Cucumbers
They prefer a sunny position out of strong winds for good results. The soil should be rich, and drain well.
Dig a hole approximately 30 cm wide filling it with a mixture of peat compost mixed in with well dug manure. Make the compost and manure mix into a small heap. Each heap should then be spaced around 40-50 cm. Given the high numbers yielded, you will not need to make up too many heaps.

Sowing them.
Sow 2-3 seeds at a depth of no more than 3 cm in the center of each heap, then cover lightly with compost and water well. They should then be spaced around 10-15 cm apart in the heaps for the best results. Once germinated thin them out leaving only the strongest seedling.

Maintaining cucumbers.
Pinch off tips out of the top of the plants once they have developed 6 or 7 leaves. This encourages side shoots to grow which will increase the yield. The side shoots will then need training around netting or trellis. Ensure the soil moist is kept moist and water around the plants opposed to watering on them. Use a water mister on them in very hot weather to aid in pollination.

To aid growth in summer, place black plastic on the soil around the plants before cucumbers appear, as this will raise the soil temperature, keep moisture retained and prevent weeds growing. Once they begin to grow then feed every alternate time with fertiliser.

Harvesting them.
Do not try to grow overly fruits as they will lose their taste. They should be harvested regularly to maximize their yield harvesting them at 6-8 inches in length by using a sharp knife. Never pull them off of the vine.
Cucumbers are best eaten as soon as possible as they will only last for around a week once picked. Do not freeze but keep in the salad draw of your refrigerator. For more information visit us at Growing Your Own Vegetables

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